Indoor Air & VOC Testing


What exactly is “Indoor Air Quality”? Indoor Air Quality encompasses many aspects of an indoor environment; therefore, there is not one simple test or one meter which can measure indoor air quality. A complete indoor air study would require all of the services and testing we have described below; however, here at Lighthouse Environmental Services, we believe this is rarely necessary. We start by getting a clear understanding of the complaint? Is there a symptom? An illness? An odor? Or something else? We seek to understand the problem before we recommend a specific service or type of testing. Lighthouse Environmental Consultants can answer your questions about indoor air quality. Of primary importance to Mold Inspection Sciences, is promoting environmental well-being and human health and safety in indoor work spaces and living spaces. We will work with your doctor to help answer their questions concerning your environment. May allergists, ENT’s and general practitioners are aware that in some cases the trigger for the health issues may be in the home.

We Offer the Following Indoor Air Quality Services:

  • Indoor Environmental Assessment
  • Mold Detection, Mold Inspection
  • Basic Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Total VOC Testing
  • Formaldehyde, Methane, or Other Chemical Compound Testing
  • Airborne Mold Spore Testing
  • Ultrafine Particulate Testing
  • Allergen Screen Testing
  • Airborne Biological Particulate Testing

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