Water Testing Services

We perform all types of water testing including the required Westchester County Department of Health well water testing program.

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Mold Inspection & Testing

If you suspect that you have mold present within your home or business, it is important that you have a professional certified mold inspector examine to make sure you don’t have a situation on your hands, as many types of mold are hazardous and can cause various health problems.

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Oil Tank Removal

When you buy an old home you can sometimes get more than you bargained for. Along with the rustic or cottage charm that an older house may have to offer you can be presented with all sorts of potential hurdles and challenges. Homes that were built in a different time often still feature the remnant of technologies, fixtures and practices of by gone times. Many of these practises have long since been abandoned for efficiency or safety reasons.

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Integrity and honesty are two traits that set the great companies apart, and they’re qualities that simply can’t be learned.  Since 1997, we have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, ethics and premium customer service.


We have the extensive resources, manpower, equipment, and expertise to help you with your Mold Testing needs and get the job done – quickly and efficiently


Many landlords, homeowners and tenants do not understand why mold and other issues start and how to safely clean them up when they do. We can help you understand why these issue appear and how to remedy the issue in your home or business.

Had constant cough and sneezing issues that my Doctor could not clear up with Antibiotics, they were not working, he then recommended that we have the indoor air quality tested.

Lighthouse came in performed an inspection of our home and was able to locate some water issues we were not aware of, performed the testing and located a mold growth issue. They wrote a protocol for a remediation contractor to follow re inspected their work and retested the air quality which was 100% improved. We owe them many thanks.

William E.

North Salem, NY

Had serious oil tank issue that was mishandled by another company.

When I reached out to my realtor they advised us to contact Lighthouse Environmental.

I met with Jim and he was able to take over the project and correct the issues, explained the procedures to all involved including the realtors, me and the buyers of my home. Everything was completed timely and neatly and I sold my home.

Deborah B

Mount Vernon, NY